Ethos and Aims

The study Business Enterprise and Marketing develops a wide range of skills including communication, problem solving, presenting, and project management. Business students quickly learn to relate their subject knowledge to real life experiences and to use critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation to understand some of the business and marketing decisions we observe in our local, national, and international markets. As well as developing both work and life skills through a myriad of opportunities, students will create and present their own business plan. 

KS3 Curriculum Content

Students are introduced to the world of Business where they will gain an introductory insight into the main topics of the OCR Cambridge National course in Enterprise and Marketing. These topics include; marketing, enterprise, finance, the economic environment, customer service and the legal identity of business. Students will have the opportunity to express creativity and develop teamwork skills, whilst developing their written analytical and judgement skills in order to be reflective learners. Students will study the following subject areas which include aspects of the KS4 course and also elements of personal finance.

KS4 Curriculum Content

The Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing

The course is assessed using a different grading system to GCSEs. Students can earn certificates at Level 1 or Level 2, both of which are further classified with pass, merit or distinction. These grades roughly match up with GCSE grades as follows.

Cambridge National Grade Estimated GCSE Equivalent
Level 1 Pass 1
Level 1 Merit 2
Level 1 Distinction 3
Level 2 Pass 4
Level 2 Merit 5/6
Level 2 Distinction 7
Level 2 Distinction* 8/9

All students will study three mandatory topics:

  • Enterprise and marketing concepts – External Exam
  • Design a business proposal – Internal coursework
  • Market and pitch a business proposal – Internal coursework

Unit RO64 – Enterprise and Marketing Concepts

This is an exam worth 50% of the overall grade. It is taken in January of year 11.

In this unit students will learn about:

  • Different types of business
  • Market Research and how businesses choose who to target their products to
  • Calculating revenues, costs, profit and break even
  • How products change over time and how businesses can keep them popular
  • How outside influences affect the products a business produces
  • Pricing products
  • Promoting products and services
  • Good customer service
  • Types of business
  • How to raise money for your business
  • Business plans
  • The different departments (functional areas) of a business and what they do

Unit RO65 – Design a Business Proposal

This unit is coursework and is worth 25% of the overall grade.
Students are given a business challenge and they must come up with a product idea. They must research it, design it and make sure it will make them money!

Unit RO66 – Market and Pitch a Business Proposal

This unit is coursework and is worth 25% of the overall grade.
The students must come up with a brand identity and develop advertising for their business idea.
They must also produce a Dragons Den-style pitch for their business idea and present it!

Specification available here:

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