31st March 2022



Before we start, here’s our context: 

  • Year 11 students are about to embark on their external exams for GCSE, BTEC and Cambridge National courses. These exams have an obvious purpose in that they are important qualifications which are necessary for further education and employment.
  • Year 10 students are soon sitting internal exams which will closely resemble the GCSE exams process. These exams will provide students with meaningful feedback on their learning and show them how you can improve, whilst also providing a valuable exam experience in preparation for external exams next year. 


Further details:

Year 10 Exams (Internal)

Year 11 Exams (External)

Four days of lessons after Easter Four weeks of lessons after Easter. Look out for lunchtime or after school support sessions.
Two-week exam timetable Six-week exam timetable
Attend school as normal. When not in an exam, revising independently in lessons. Students will be provided with revision materials and should bring these to their lessons. Attend school to sit exams or to attend revision sessions, which are mandatory for ‘targeted’ students and optional for those deemed ‘independent.

Students are not required to be in school when they have no exams and have no targeted revision sessions.

Results and feedback in time for the final year 10 report in the summer. Results day Thursday 25th August


Keynote presentation details:

We are pleased to be able to have a guest speaker, Lee Parker, at this event. Lee is the Founder of Cambridge Academic Performance and over the past eleven years he has built up considerable expertise working within the NHS and within educational settings. In doing this, Lee noticed a gap in the support offered to students which could be filled by offering a fusion of academic techniques and personal development strategies therefore he works collaboratively with students, their parents and other professionals to help each student fulfil their potential and succeed in their goals. Lee works with students at all levels, from primary school to PhD and postdocs.

On this page you will find presentations from Lee on the following key areas:

  1. Revision Technique
  2. Managing Exam Stress
  3. Managing Anxiety
  4. Exam Technique
  5. Supporting Stressed Students

You will also find resources that can be used at home to support the above topics.

1. Revision Technique

Revision Technique Workbook 


2. Managing Anxiety

Managing Anxiety Workbook

3. Exam Technique

Exam Technique Workbook

4. Managing Exam Stress

Managing Exam Stress Workbook

5. Supporting Stressed Students

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