Admission Arrangements 2021-22

Anglian Learning is the admission authority for the College. The Governing Body of LVC sets and applies the admissions policy for the College. All decisions regarding the admission of children into the College are made by a sub-committee of the Governing Body.


As selecting the right school for your child is such an important decision we would strongly urge you and your child to visit the College before submitting an application.  For those applying for a place into Year 7 we hold our Open Evening in early October, giving you a chance to meet staff and some of the students. If you are making an in-year application it is still important to make sure the College is the right place for your child and we would encourage you to arrange a visit by contacting us at

The College is currently over-subscribed and we are already over our PAN (Published Admission Number) in every year group, with waiting lists in place for some. (Updated July 2020.)


The application process for admissions into Year 7 is co-ordinated by Cambridgeshire Local Authority (LA), which acts on behalf of The Governing Body to offer places at the College. Parents should apply online at: or submit a Cambridgeshire Application Form, available from their child’s primary school or from the LA Admissions Team, no later than the LA deadline cut-off for online applications at 23:59 on 31 October 2021; paper applications must be received by the Admissions Team no later than 5pm on 31 October 2021. Offer letters will be issued by the LA on the National Offer Date (1st March 2022 or first working day after). Late applications (those submitted between the October deadline and the end of the co-ordination period) will be handled by the Admissions Team.

To apply for a place after the start of term or in any other year group, please contact the LA Admissions Team for an application form.

LA Admissions Team Contact: 0345 045 1370

Parents wishing to visit the College prior to submitting an application are welcome to do so, though it may not always be possible to organise this at short notice. Visits are not interviews and do not affect any decision regarding the availability of a place. Please contact the College to make arrangements.


Parents living outside Cambridgeshire who wish their child to attend the College must apply to the county that they live in. For example, parents living in Haverhill should apply to Suffolk and those living in Ashdon or Saffron Walden should apply to Essex. If you would like your child to go to the College, please name Linton Village College in the first preference space provided on the application form. Please note that the deadline date for other counties may differ from Cambridgeshire, so please ensure your application is received on time. You will hear from the county that you have applied to whether your application has been successful in early March.


For admission into Year 7 each September, the Local Authority, on behalf of The Governing Body, will offer places to 165 children. This is the Published Admission Number (PAN) for that year group. In the event that more than 165 applications are received, the oversubscription criteria will be applied to determine priority for places by the LA on behalf of Anglian Learning. All preferences are treated equally, regardless of whether they are first, second or third preferences.


Linton Village College is a non-selective comprehensive school with an agreed admissions limit of 165. This is reviewed each year by the Governing Body. The College primarily serves a catchment area comprising the catchment areas of the following partner primary schools: Ashdon Primary School, Burrough Green, Castle Camps, Great Abington, Great Sampford, Linton Heights Junior and Meadow Primary School, but welcomes applications from families who live outside this area. Traditionally between 10% and 20% of the Year 7 intake comes from outside the catchment area.

Children who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) that names the school will be admitted. Should applications exceed the agreed admissions number, priority will go, in order, to:

  1. “Children in Care”, also known as Looked After Children (LAC) and children who were looked after but ceased to be by reason of adoption, a resident order or special guardianship order;Children who appear to the Admission Authority to have been in state care (i.e. in the care of or accommodated by a public authority, religious organisation or any other provider whose sole/main purpose is to benefit society) outside of England but ceased to be so as a result of being adopted only.
  2. Children who live in the catchment area and attend a partner primary school (Ashdon, Burrough Green, Castle Camps, Great Abington, Great Sampford, Linton Heights and Meadow School);
  1. Children who live in the catchment area and who will have a sibling at the College at time of admission;
  2. Children who live in the catchment area;
  3. Children who live outside the catchment area but have attended partner primary schools for at least two years;
  4. Children who live outside the catchment area who will have a sibling at the College at time of admission;
  5. Oversubscription priority may be given to the children of members of staff provided they have been employed at LVC for a minimum of two years and/or are recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skills shortage;
  6. Children who live outside the catchment area.

In cases of equal merit, priority will go to children within Cambridgeshire by measuring a straight line from the centre point of the home to the main pupil entrance to the school.

In cases of equal merit, priority will go to children living nearest the school according to the shortest straight line.

For Years 8 to 11, the PAN is also 165.  If a place becomes available it will be offered to the child at the top of the reserve list for the year group or, if no reserve list exists, the place will be offered to the first child for whom an application is received.


When an application is refused, the child’s details are automatically placed on a reserve list for the year group, ranked according to the oversubscription criteria. As part of the co-ordinated scheme for secondary admissions, the LA Admissions Team holds the initial reserve list on behalf of The Governing Body until the end of the first week of the autumn term in the initial year of intake. The Governing Body then manages the reserve list until the end of the autumn term. When mid-term applications are received, children’s details will be held on the reserve list for a period of one term following the term of application.

Parents will be contacted immediately if a place becomes available for their child, but should be aware that their child’s place on a reserve list may change if an application is subsequently received that meets a higher criterion than their own.


The parents of any child who is refused a place at the College has a right of appeal to an independent Appeals Panel. The panel consists of three people who are independent of The Governing Body and the Local Education Authority. The panel will consider the circumstances of the case put before them. Both the Governing Body and the parents must abide by the decision it makes.

Appeals for the College are currently arranged by The Governing Body’s Admissions Sub-Committee/LA Admissions Team on behalf of The Governing Body. Further information and appeal forms are available from the Admissions Team.


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