Our term dates are set from Cambridgeshire’s LA term dates and then 5 training days/school closure days are agreed in consultation with the Trust and main feeder primary schools.

School term and holiday dates for 2023/2024

Autumn Term 2023

Staff training day 1 September
Autumn term starts 4 September – Years 7 and 11 only
Autumn term starts 5 September – All Year Groups
Staff training day 29 September
Half-term 23-27 October
Autumn term ends 20 December


Spring Term 2024

Spring term starts 4 January
Staff training day 16 February
Half Term 19-23 February
Spring term ends 28 March


Summer Term 2024

Summer term starts 15 April
May Day 6 May
Half-term 27 May-31 May
Staff training day 28 June
Summer term ends 19 July
Disaggregated training day 22 July


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