Welcome to the SEND Department

Our aim is to enable all learners to reach their potential and be independent when leaving Linton Village College.

How do we do this?

We have a robust and clear identification process of students who have additional needs. This is then recorded on our SEND Register and shared with all relevant teaching staff. Staff have training throughout the year on understanding the different needs and become skilled in removing the barriers these needs can cause to a student’s learning.

How do we support our students?

The primary and most effective support your child can receive is High Quality Teaching from their subject specialist teacher. Some students will also need intervention and in class support from our Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). We have 10 LSAs who have a range of different subject specific skills and SEND specialisms. Three LSAs are leads in Autism, Physical needs and Cognition and Learning Needs. Our team is also fortunate to have 3 HLTAs who deliver literacy and numeracy intervention to Year 7s and 8s.

Where are we based?

The Learning Support Department is located in the Henry Morris Centre (HMC). This is a nod to our founder and Morris’ vision for community-based life-long learning.

Staff Training


Break time in HMC

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