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Our CEIAG Programme

Our Intent

At Linton Village College we are committed to providing our students with a Careers Programme which is aspirational, engaging and inspiring. We aim to provide all LVC students the skills to progress on their pathway, to achieve their full potential and provide them with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the local and national careers opportunities. We provide a planned programme of activities to support students in making decisions during key points within their education. Throughout the CEIAG Programme students will be provided with information, advice, guidance and practical experiences, which will help them make positive decisions. Students are encouraged to develop their own careers pathway to Post 16 applications and beyond into higher and further education.

Our Careers Programme

At Linton Village College our Careers Programme is developed in collaboration with the Gatsby Benchmarks. CEIAG is delivered throughout the academic year in different formats, including;

  • Lessons delivered as part of PSHE curriculum
  • Collapsed curriculum days e.g. mock interviews, What’s my Line?
  • 6th Form School/College/University events throughout the year
  • Guidance and learning sessions through the tutor programme
  • Workshops and presentations delivered by businesses and organisations
  • One to One Career Interviews by qualified Careers Adviser
  • Assemblies
  • Career Fairs
  • Work experience week

Careers Programme Summary

The Linton Village College CEIAG programme is designed to provide opportunities for all students from their arrival in Year 7, through to their GCSE results in Year 11.

Year 7 students start with an exploration of the world of work. They consider their own skills and understanding, identify with their own aspirations and are introduced to careers through interaction with different businesses.

Year 8 students consolidate their understanding of the wider world of work and further study, with a view to their options choices for the Year 9 programme of study. Students will gain an understanding of wider business processes through the Enterprise Day and the introduction to the Cambridge Launchpad programme. Students are entitled to access to vocational education and apprenticeship providers to enable them to build their understanding of these options. Students will have an extended assembly from an apprenticeship provider with follow up information through tutor sessions, taking place in February 2023

Year 9 is a key transition point for students at Linton Village College as they make their guided options choices, leading to their KS4 programmes of study. The CEIAG programme provides them with the opportunity to think about their future programmes of study at Post 16 and beyond. Students have guidance interviews before making their final choices along with support from external organisations, such as, Anglia Ruskin University and the Eyes on the Prize event. These activities will include opportunities for all students to have activities with T-Level and apprenticeship providers, with an opportunity to ask questions, taking place in February 2023.

Year 10 students develop their understanding of careers and next steps into further and higher education. Further development allows students to develop their financial understanding and an understanding of the working environment. Students participate in a week of work experience, with students encouraged to find their own placements and then review their working week. Additionally, students are provided with the opportunity to take part in mock interviews with business volunteers. Further understanding of the technical education and apprenticeship route, through an extended assembly taking place in June 2023

Year 11 students will be in a position to make their final decisions regarding the Post 16 Applications. Careers advisors will provide targeted careers advice to students to help them cement their ideas and aspirations. Students will have guidance and support in the Post 16 application process, with all students having input from college providers and their T Level, vocational education and apprenticeship routes, taking place during October 2022. Our close links with Cambridge University outreach provides opportunities for students to have a deeper understanding of the requirements of Russell Group Universities.

Please use the links below to access information about post-16 choices for Year 11 students and their parents. If you have any questions about post-16 education and careers, please contact Ian Simmons, Careers Lead & Post-16 Coordinator.

Post 16 Launch Presentation

Aptitude Test:

Careers information:

Information about university options: Russell Group: Informed Choices

Technical Education and Apprenticeship Providers:

Youthoria has help and advice on a wide range of issues affecting young people including the transition from LVC to sixth form education and the world of work.

Apprenticeships: Apprenticeships

‘What type of Careers?’


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