Pastoral care at LVC

As a smaller secondary school, the care and support on offer to students is a strength at Linton Village College. Each student is a member of a horizontal tutor group within a vertical House. Our Houses are called: Discovery; Endeavour; Pioneer and Voyager. These are led by:


Adam Pelly, Head of House

Nicole Stoddart, Deputy Head of House



Danielle Darvill, Head of House

Alex Ford-Compton, Deputy Head of House



Nichola Addley, Head of House

Jemima Price, Deputy Head of House



Louise Keen, Head of House

Kellie London, Deputy Head of House

The form tutors play an integral role in offering pastoral care and supporting educational success, and they are the first point of contact for parents/carers. A Support Hub houses the four Heads of House and a range of other colleagues with specific pastoral expertise including an inclusion and safeguarding team, well-being mentors and a counsellor. This team works in partnership with the SEND team in our Henry Morris Centre along with external agencies where appropriate.

Our Linton Learner attributes: ambitious; caring; curious; independent; reflective and responsible underpin the ethos at the College. These attributes are used across the College to foster a relational community.

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