At Linton Village College, the core ambition of the curriculum is to foster a love of learning in our young people. We believe that all students thrive best when they are inspired by a creative, challenging and enriching curriculum. When students leave the College they will be enthusiastic about their learning and next steps. This is underpinned by the Henry Morris ethos that education should be a ‘cradle to the grave’ experience.

We consider a broad and balanced curriculum offer, with equal importance placed on the creative arts and technology subjects and well as core, foundation subjects, to be imperative in fostering life-long Linton Learners. Knowledge and understanding, underpinned by key skills, are critical in creating inquisitive, considered thinkers who have a passion for acquiring an appreciation of subject disciplines and develop a genuine respect and tolerance for others. Enrichment and social, moral, spiritual and cultures opportunities are fundamental in developing the whole child at Linton Village College; they help to broaden students’ horizons, build relationships for learning and develop as active and positive members of their communities.

We believe that developing curious, caring, responsible, independent, ambitious and reflective students is of paramount importance. These Linton Learner attributes are central to the design and implementation of our high-quality curriculum.



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