Student Leadership and Student Voice

At LVC, we recognise the importance of championing student voice as well as providing a range of opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership qualities. Our current leadership structure is spear-headed by two year 11 Head Students supported by a Deputy Head Student. As well as representing the school in open evenings and external events and forums, Head Students lead The Senate in weekly discussions about the school.

The Senate is made up of four House Captains and a team of House Prefects. The Senate discusses a range of topics including house competitions, events and assemblies. It’s also an opportunity for students to put forward their ideas via Prefects about school ethos and facilities.

We have facilitated opportunities for students to represent the school in cross-trust forums as well as discussions with the district council about youth engagement.

Other leadership opportunities include roles as Subject and Library Prefects.

The house system at LVC is an integral part of the student experience. Being part of one of our four houses helps to create a sense of community and healthy competition here at Linton Village College, for all pupils.

Competitions & Events 

Enrichment through the house system offers opportunities for all pupils to feel included and contribute to the wider school community. There will be half-termly events and competitions for pupils to represent their house incorporating a wide range of activities.

Recent competitions have included the Great Linton Bakeoff, Tug-of-War, Christmas Card Competition, and a range of sports competitions.

House mottos:

Discovery: Discovering our potential
Pioneer: Pioneering for progress
Endeavour: Endeavouring to excel
Voyager: Voyaging with vision

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