The College’s aims reflect our commitment to offering an ambitious, inclusive and enriching education.

  • Everyone is committed to achieving exceptional standards of learning, achievement and behaviour.
  • Curious learners are engaged by an ambitious and inspiring curriculum.
  • Everyone is supported to feel safe, be successful and to feel a sense of belonging.
  • Caring, respectful relationships and a responsibility for the College environment are valued by all.
  • Everyone benefits from enriching educational opportunities that appreciate individuality and develop well-rounded young people.
  • Independence is fostered through a focus on personal wellbeing and reflection, enabling everyone to thrive in their learning and life.

Our current College improvement strands and leadership priorities focus on achieving consistently high-quality education in these areas.

  1. Ensuring impactful leadership, accountability and support at all levels.
  2. Developing a collaborative culture and a workload/wellbeing strategy.
  3. Establishing an Ambitious, Inclusive and Enriching curriculum and effective assessment practices.
  4. Developing Inclusive Classrooms pedagogy.
  5. Embedding positive relationships and Linton Learner behaviours.

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