The College’s aims reflect our commitment to offering an ambitious, inclusive and enriching education.

  • Everyone is committed to achieving exceptional standards of learning, achievement and behaviour.
  • Curious learners are engaged by an ambitious and inspiring curriculum.
  • Everyone is supported to feel safe, be successful and to feel a sense of belonging.
  • Caring, respectful relationships and a responsibility for the College environment are valued by all.
  • Everyone benefits from enriching educational opportunities that appreciate individuality and develop well-rounded young people.
  • Independence is fostered through a focus on personal wellbeing and reflection, enabling everyone to thrive in their learning and life.

Our current College improvement strands and leadership priorities focus on achieving consistently high-quality education in these areas.

  1. Empower all leaders to drive whole school improvement.
  2. Establish a culture of professional collaboration.
  3. Embed ambitious, inclusive and enriching teaching and learning and establish effective assessment practices cross the school.
  4. Ensure that students’ behaviour is ready, respectful and safe in and outside of lessons.
  5. Build community relationships.

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