Ethos and Aims

Home learning is an essential factor in the success of students at Linton Village College. It gives students opportunities to improve their ability to be independent, responsible, reflective, curious and ambitious learners, and to care about their progress.

The purpose of home learning is:
• to consolidate learning through reinforcement, revision of knowledge and practice of skills;
• to extend learning, either through application of skills and knowledge, or by way of additional reading or research;
• to acquire additional knowledge and skills through independent study and to support and supplement class-based learning;
• to develop self-discipline and time management skills, giving students ownership of, and responsibility for, their own learning.

Effective home learning is well-planned, purposeful and timely in order to support and develop students’ understanding and to help them to make progress. The frequency and nature of home learning tasks is determined by individual subjects to best suit their curricular expectations. Appropriate home learning will be set by teachers to complement/enrich students’ experience and will vary according to the subject and year group. Whilst students can expect to receive regular home learning activities, the College does not have a fixed home learning timetable.

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