November 2023

This term, our Arts students have been busy with a wide variety of events and activities. We are incredibly proud of the range of opportunities our students have participated in. The Arts will also be showcasing work from across the arts during our Winter Showcase on the 11th December.


Platform 23

Platform 23 is an exhibition showcasing incredible artwork from all of our Anglia Trust schools including Linton Village College. Fantastic work has been on display from all year groups across Anglian Learning. The exhibition is taking place at the Michaelhouse Cafe in the centre of Cambridge until the end of November . Our students attended a private event ahead of the public exhibition. Congratulations to all LVC students who had their work on display.

Singing Festival

A collaborative singing festival was held at LVC for Year 2 students. The school hall was buzzing with the excitement of Year 2 students from our feeder primary schools.

Linton Voices also prepared a performance for the year 2 primary children. We chose a song the Year 2 students would be familiar with and ensured to model high standards of both singing and performing skills. They were also accompanied on the piano as opposed to backing track, so the primary children could see how Linton Voices reacted and at times adjusted to a live accompaniment.

After the performance year 2 children learnt and sung the song with Linton Voices as a joint performance. They were able to follow the piano accompaniment and sing along confidently. Well done to all students involved in this festival.

Technical Day at DanceEast

Students developed their theatre technical skills during a day at DanceEast. The students worked with DanceEast’s technical department and were given a hands-on experience of designing and operating lights in the theatre. We look forward to seeing these students being involved in the technical side of future LVC productions.

“I especially enjoyed when we learnt about how they program and decide when to put the lights and where” (Year 9 student)

“I learned a lot about how professional lighting in theatres work. My favourite part was when I got to adjust the actual lights, to make them into different shapes and make them blurred and focused” (Year 8 student)

GCSE Day at DanceEast

GCSE students were fortunate to work with professional companies who feature on the GCSE syllabus. The day was held at DanceEast and our students participated in two intensive workshops. The first workshop was with an inclusive dance company ‘Stopgap’ , who delivered a highly creative workshop. The second workshop was with ‘Phoenix Dance Company’ who taught repertoire from the GCSE work ‘Shadows’. The workshops were inspiring and challenging for all students.



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