Dear year 11 students and parents/carers,

As you will have heard, the government intends for external exams to go ahead this summer. That said, it won’t quite be a normal year. Several changes have been made to support students.

  • Exams are more spread out than usual. Subjects with more than one exam will have 10 days or more between papers. A student who is unable to sit an exam due to illness would still be able to complete part of the qualification, which could be used to determine a grade.
  • Students taking subjects which include non-examination assessments (NEA) have a reduction in the requirements (Dance, Drama, Sports Science, Health & Social Care, Business Studies, Food, DT, Engineering, Music).
  • Exams in some subjects include an element of choice (English Literature, History, Geography).
  • Some subjects will have formula sheets or enhanced equation sheets (Maths, Physics, Combined Science).
  • Most subjects will have advance information, providing information on the focus of the exams (All subjects except English Literature, History, Geography and Art).

The advance information has now been made public. Subject leaders have compiled the details relevant to LVC students, with specific exam boards, in a handy table at the link below.

You will find for each subject:

  • A link to the precise specification on the exam board website;
  • A brief summary of the changes for 2022;
  • Exam adaptations, including links to any formula sheets;
  • A link to the full advance information, as published by the exam board;
  • Additional exam board documents where available and relevant.

Follow the link below for full details. Teachers will be sharing and discussing this information with students during lesson time. If you have any questions, please contact classroom teachers in the first instance.

Yours faithfully,

Cameron Fehr

Assistant Principal and Head of Maths




01223 891233

Linton Village College, Cambridge Rd, Linton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB21 4JB

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