Ethos and Aims

The aim of the PE curriculum is to inspire students to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and promote physical competency once they have progressed past their time at Linton Village College. This is promoted through engagement in a broad range of activities across both key stages. At KS3 students will experience a range of different opportunities to develop not only their physical skills but extend their knowledge of physiological aspects. All students within KS3 follow a route which covers activities from the following areas;

• Invasion games
• Net and rackets activities
• Aesthetic activities
• Striking and fielding activities
• Health related exercise

KS3 Curriculum Content

In Year 7 students are taught mixed gendered, with all engaging with the full range of activities. The aim within Year 7 is to develop the fundamental motor skills that can be transferred across all activities and to develop their competence in employing these skills into pressurised situations. Progressing into Year 8, students continue to develop their skills and extend their knowledge of how to outwit their opponents and the impact of exercise upon individual health. Year 9 enables students to use both core and advanced skills in competitive situations and apply their knowledge of a range of activities in areas such as the leadership programme. Sitting alongside the practical element, theoretical concepts have been mapped taking into account the nature of the activity and the complexity of knowledge to provide students with an understanding of theoretical issues behind how the body works.

KS4 Curriculum Content

By KS4 students are provided with a greater level of independence and to have a greater input in their learning, whereby they refine the skills they have learnt in KS3. This is done by introducing students to a range of new activities alongside traditional activities that have previously been engaged with. Students compete in more structured tournament level activities or engage within non-traditional activities i.e. a yoga unit for those students who would prefer to engage in less traditional activities. Students can choose a pathway to follow.

As option subjects, students can choose to study GCSE PE or the OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science. Both courses aim to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to develop and maintain their performance in physical activities. Both courses provide students with an insight into the world of sport, focusing upon both the physiological and socio-cultural aspects of sport.


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