Ethos and Aims

At Linton Village College, we put our students’ safety and well-being at the heart of everything we do. The aim of our PSHE and RSE curriculum is to equip our students with the personal and social skills to be able to survive and thrive in society; to be well-informed about their own physical and emotional health; and to enable them to make well-informed, responsible choices when faced with the difficult situations adolescence presents. We have integrated the PSHE, RSE and Citizenship curriculum to aim to give our students a broad and holistic understanding of the wider world and to equip them to face some of the challenges presented by adolescence. Alongside our PSHE and Citizenship curriculum, we aim to provide a balanced sex and relationships education programme which combines the emotional, physical, moral, legal and social aspects of sex and relationships.
PSHE is taught in mixed ability groups by a designated team of teachers, in fortnightly timetabled lessons (weekly for Year 10). We keep our curriculum under constant review, seeking to ensure it includes contemporary examples and scenarios, up to date information and material that is relevant to all students.
The aims of PSHE are further supported by the interventions, extracurricular and enrichment activities provided across the curriculum. For example, our extended pastoral support provision via the Support Hub, our enrichment programme, and the extracurricular provision we offer.
We seek to work with students, teachers, parents and carers to ensure our PSHE provision is regularly refreshed, and meets the needs of our College community.

KS3 Curriculum Content

The Key Stage 3 PSHE curriculum aims to begin equipping students with an understanding of what it means to take care of their physical and mental health, and to prepare them for the changes they will face as they go through puberty, both physically and emotionally.

Year 7

Term 1: What is a healthy relationship online and off line?
Term 2: How do I look after my body and my brain?
Term 3: What will change as I grow up?

Year 8

Term 1: How will my relationships change as I grow up?
Term 2: How do I take more responsibility for myself and others?

Term 3: What challenges come with new independence?

Year 9

Term 1: How do I take care of my mental and physical health?
Term 2: What will happen as my relationships become more adult?
Term 3: What benefits and risks will I face as I play a bigger role in the world around me?

KS4 Curriculum Content

The Key Stage 4 PSHE curriculum aims to prepare students for the adult world, by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make good choices and take responsibility for their own health, relationships and well-being. We will ensure students know where to seek help and support if things go wrong or they feel uncomfortable, and how to identify when it is time to do this.

Year 10

Term 1: What makes a healthy adult relationship – and what are the signs my relationship is not healthy?
Term 2: How can I look after my mental health?
Term 3: What factors could challenge my physical health?

Year 11

Term 1: How do I play a role in the wider world?
Term 2: How do I make good financial choices?

Enrichment/Extra Curricular Opportunities

Linton Village College is a participant in the Cambridge University Ambassador’s for Pupil Wellbeing Project, and regularly draws on our links with external visitors and providers to enhance our curriculum and provide further opportunities.

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